About Karma


I am Karma and I am a male Pomeranian that was born on November 16, 2014. When I was born, I was missing my back left knee cap, my fontanel never closed, and I was given to my new family with bronchitis and ear mites. My family brought me back to full health after spending the first year of my life in the ICU after having multiple surgeries. I have Pomeranian brothers and sisters that will be featured in my blog as well. We are here to talk about cool recipes that your dogs will love as much as we do and some tips on keeping our fur-friends healthy like us!



Hi I am Mojito, but my friends and family call me Mo. I am a female Pomeranian that was born on June 15, 2009. I am not sure if I am Karma’s oldest sister by age, but I came into the family first. I had hip surgery in the beginning of 2017 because we are known to have bad hips, but otherwise my health has been pretty good. I love rubbing and dragging my belly across the floor and I also enjoy sitting in the corner of the kitchen waiting for every human to drop a piece of food for me. Although I have a screeching bark, everyone loves me. Maybe not my crazy next door neighbor, but everypawdy else. I hope you enjoy Karma’s pawesome blog, not just because there will be appearances of me, but because it will be spectacular.



Hello everypawdy! My name is Picasso because the humane society thought my big and little eye reminded them of the artist’s extraordinary, wide-eyed paintings. My new family thought the name fit and kept it. I ended up in the shelter after being beaten and left for death by rotten people and that is how my eye ended up so small and blind. My pawrents tell me everyday how much they love me and how happy they are that they rescued me from such a bad home and I appreciate them so much. I was the second dog after Mo to come into my new family and it has been such a great fit!



My name is Bailey and even when I am getting all of the attention, it is just never enough attention. My new family rescued me with my litter sister Brandy, how great was that? We were the third and fourth female Pomeranians to be brought into this family. The shelter did not know how old we were when showed up at their facility, but they guessed around three years old. It’s been around five years that we’ve been with our new family so we might be eight, but we could be younger or older. I hope you enjoy Karma’s blog!



Hi guys, I am Brandy. As you read above, I am Bailey’s Pomeranian litter sister. We are not sure how old we are, but we are older than five. Bailey and I are very different girls. While she loves affection, attention, and cuddling, I am very independent and anxious. The pets have to be on my own terms. I lived a hard life before I was rescued and I am grateful, but it forever scarred me. I hope you think we are supaw pawesome and adorable and want to read more!!



Enjoy – Karma the Pom