Mindful Monday

Big or small, black, white, or multicolor, American or European, it doesn’t matter what you are because I love making new fur-friends! Luckily my friend, Sammy, tossed me the ball for the #tossaroundtheworld2017 challenge all the way from Maryland! I hadn’t noticed any earlier posts related to this challenge so I looked through the hashtag pictures and saw almost 1,000 dogs from around the world had been participated in this challenge too! I like that challenges, like this one, enable us to get involved, motivated, and connected with each other. Hello to Canada, Europe, and Australia from America! I hope you get chosen for a challenge so you can get involved with your fur-friends or whatever community you are in and maybe learn more about other cultures in the process… my human says that’s really important for the future. Have a relaxing a stress free Monday!

-Karma the Pom

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Author: KarmaThePom

I am Karma and I am a Pomeranian that was born on November 16, 2015. When I was born, I was missing my back left knee cap, my fontanel never closed, and I was given to my new family with bronchitis and ear mites. My family brought me back to full health after spending the first year of my life in the ICU after having multiple surgeries. I have Pomeranian brothers and sisters that will be featured in my blog as well. We are here to talk about cool recipes that your dogs will love as much as we do and some tips on keeping our fur-friends healthy like us!

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