Is Taco Tuesday Bad For Your Dog?

Tuesdays are usually for Tongue Out Tuesday (#tot) or Tip Tuesday (#tt), but today it’s about the “tips” on Taco Tuesday (#tt).

Did you know that a lot of foods served during Taco Tuesday are toxic to your dogs?

These foods include: 1) onions, 2) garlic, 3) salt, 4) avocado, 5) cheese, 6) soda, and 7) alcohol.

1&2: Onions and Garlic: Did you know that if we consume onions and garlic (even powder form), our red blood cells can rupture or leave us anemic? If we become weak, have trouble breathing, or our gums become pale… call our vet!!

3: Salt: We want to try your food… all of your food… but with all of that sodium, you need to say “NO!” We can suffer from sodium ion poisoning and get very sick if we overindulge salt. Taco toppings, tortillas, meat, chips, and sauces are filled with salt.

4: Avocados: While avocados have been controversial on whether or not they’re harmful to us, we should stay away from them. The large pit alone is a choking hazard, and it contains the toxin Persin. Avocados are also used to make guacamole during Taco Tuesday, and often salt and onions are thrown into the mix.

5: Cheese: I know that we love yogurt and our pills in slices of cheese, but some of us handle dairy better than others, and some of us handle different portion sizes better than others. Cheese is a big part of Taco Tuesday because it is sprinkled all over the salty tacos and made into queso for the salty chips. It is best if you keep it away from us on days like today.

6&7: Soda and Alcohol: Maybe you want a glass of soda or a margarita, but you shouldn’t let us have any. Methylxanthine, the stimulant in caffeine (like soda), can be fatal to us. And if you want a margarita, the alcohol is extremely toxic to us too. Even just a lick can cause us to have a seizure or start to vomit.

If you want to involve us in your Taco Tuesday, then boil us some plain chicken and rice or give us treats!!! But please, no people food.  🙂

-Karma the Pom

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Author: KarmaThePom

I am Karma and I am a Pomeranian that was born on November 16, 2015. When I was born, I was missing my back left knee cap, my fontanel never closed, and I was given to my new family with bronchitis and ear mites. My family brought me back to full health after spending the first year of my life in the ICU after having multiple surgeries. I have Pomeranian brothers and sisters that will be featured in my blog as well. We are here to talk about cool recipes that your dogs will love as much as we do and some tips on keeping our fur-friends healthy like us!

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