Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 

September is “Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.” It’s not only the awareness month for men’s health, but for many other cancers as well. While September is still here, I wanted to start this page. During October I will be shaving my hair into a the style of a Mohawk, while we fall into November for Movember. Movember is No- Shave November, where the mustache is the ribbon being represented for prostate cancer. Help me reach the fundraising goal of $1,500. My mom says that if we raise $1,500 for the Movember Foundation, she will donate $1,500 of her personal money to an animal shelter. We will update pictures once my hair is cute! Please let us know if you donate, we would love to show our thanks, and also with a pin and coupon codes for the clothes by @passportpuppy  and bow ties @blackcatstitches for those that donate $20 or more! 😀🐶🎉➰💙

Click here to reach my Movember Foundation page! 

Thank you in advance!!!

-Karma the Pom

Author: KarmaThePom

I am Karma and I am a Pomeranian that was born on November 16, 2015. When I was born, I was missing my back left knee cap, my fontanel never closed, and I was given to my new family with bronchitis and ear mites. My family brought me back to full health after spending the first year of my life in the ICU after having multiple surgeries. I have Pomeranian brothers and sisters that will be featured in my blog as well. We are here to talk about cool recipes that your dogs will love as much as we do and some tips on keeping our fur-friends healthy like us!

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