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It’s Wellness Wednesday for the Buyers

Did you know we help our humans reach their wellness goals? So much so that studies from SunTrust claim millennials are finding them to search for homes solely based on our needs instead of their own or maybe their future children.

We help our humans:

1)Achieve physical wellness by increasing their activity and exercise – even just from our walks outside,

2)Reach emotional wellness because we give them comfort by acting as a companion and give them unconditional love,

3)and we bring them social wellness since we promote interactions between our humans and that can lead to further topics of conversations.

When we help you reach these stages of wellness, there’s no way you could move somewhere that says “no dogs.” It’s wonderful knowing we are such a priority in our pawrents’ life that they are willing to have their mortgage go straight to us. Our humans are our companions in return so we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Why did your family buy their first home?

I hope this Wednesday brings wellness to your life!

-Karma the Pom

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Is Taco Tuesday Bad For Your Dog?

Tuesdays are usually for Tongue Out Tuesday (#tot) or Tip Tuesday (#tt), but today it’s about the “tips” on Taco Tuesday (#tt).

Did you know that a lot of foods served during Taco Tuesday are toxic to your dogs?

These foods include: 1) onions, 2) garlic, 3) salt, 4) avocado, 5) cheese, 6) soda, and 7) alcohol.

1&2: Onions and Garlic: Did you know that if we consume onions and garlic (even powder form), our red blood cells can rupture or leave us anemic? If we become weak, have trouble breathing, or our gums become pale… call our vet!!

3: Salt: We want to try your food… all of your food… but with all of that sodium, you need to say “NO!” We can suffer from sodium ion poisoning and get very sick if we overindulge salt. Taco toppings, tortillas, meat, chips, and sauces are filled with salt.

4: Avocados: While avocados have been controversial on whether or not they’re harmful to us, we should stay away from them. The large pit alone is a choking hazard, and it contains the toxin Persin. Avocados are also used to make guacamole during Taco Tuesday, and often salt and onions are thrown into the mix.

5: Cheese: I know that we love yogurt and our pills in slices of cheese, but some of us handle dairy better than others, and some of us handle different portion sizes better than others. Cheese is a big part of Taco Tuesday because it is sprinkled all over the salty tacos and made into queso for the salty chips. It is best if you keep it away from us on days like today.

6&7: Soda and Alcohol: Maybe you want a glass of soda or a margarita, but you shouldn’t let us have any. Methylxanthine, the stimulant in caffeine (like soda), can be fatal to us. And if you want a margarita, the alcohol is extremely toxic to us too. Even just a lick can cause us to have a seizure or start to vomit.

If you want to involve us in your Taco Tuesday, then boil us some plain chicken and rice or give us treats!!! But please, no people food.  🙂

-Karma the Pom

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Mindful Monday

Big or small, black, white, or multicolor, American or European, it doesn’t matter what you are because I love making new fur-friends! Luckily my friend, Sammy, tossed me the ball for the #tossaroundtheworld2017 challenge all the way from Maryland! I hadn’t noticed any earlier posts related to this challenge so I looked through the hashtag pictures and saw almost 1,000 dogs from around the world had been participated in this challenge too! I like that challenges, like this one, enable us to get involved, motivated, and connected with each other. Hello to Canada, Europe, and Australia from America! I hope you get chosen for a challenge so you can get involved with your fur-friends or whatever community you are in and maybe learn more about other cultures in the process… my human says that’s really important for the future. Have a relaxing a stress free Monday!

-Karma the Pom

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My First Baseball Game

Today I went to my first baseball game! It was the Marlins vs the Padres Bark at the Park game. There were 24,000 people and 500 fur-friends. All of the proceeds from our tickets today went to the humane society so we were happy to help! Big crowds like that usually scare my siblings because they suffer from anxiety, but I do okay in them. My human dressed me up in my pawfect for the game baseball bow tie from Baylors Bow Tie Boutique ** (description and coupon below). Being cute wasn’t our only priority during the game, the humans made sure that we were hydrated with water the whole time! It was important, especially since I saw some dogs overheat and need special attention. I had so much fun and met so many new people and fur-friends, I even got a new bandana! I can’t wait until Bark at the Park next year! Don’t forget to check out Baylors Bow Ties!

**My baseball bow tie from Baylors Bow Tie Boutique was such a hit at the game. It caused so much attention! It wasn’t because I am so cute, but because of how good the fabric is. It comes with a Velcro loop that will fit around your collar. They’re already at the perfect price… but what’s better than a coupon?? You have one week so get your bow ties! KARMA10 for 10% off your order!! 

-Karma the Pom 

First Beach Experience

It’s Saturday! That means my local beach allows me and all of my fur-friends to have fun in the sand starting at 5pm from March – September. The reason for this is because it gets really hot for us pups during the day so the later it is, the cooler it gets. This was not only my first sandy beach experience, but it was the first time I have ever been in any water besides my filled up bathtub! I will admit I was so scared at first, but I had so much fun meeting new friends and running around that I forgot how I scared I was. My humans packed lots of stuff in their backpacks like: water in their amazing Swell bottles, waste pick up bags, towels, sunscreen [even though it’s late], and some treats for Brandy and I! I had such a supaw great time and I cannot wait to go back!